Foxy by Tilkee
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Meet the companion who follows you wherever you go and gives you real-time updates on your activities for only 49 € H.T

For your teams

Put Mr. Foxy where everyone can see him! Whether Foxy be on your desk or your stand at exhibitions, he will always attract attention and motivate your team to strive for greater success.

Connected everywhere, for everyone

A USB connector allows you to use Foxy where you want, when you want! On your desk or those of your colleagues, or while you travel for business events. Foxy follows you!

Totally customizable

Choose different alerts for a variety of activities: new clients, new followers, number of tweets in which you are mentioned and of course, your Tilkee activity: documents consulted by your clients and an email campaign conversion counter. Everything is possible!



Learn about Foxy on the job

In the office

At exhibitions

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The story behind Foxy

  • September 2016

    An idea is born...

    Christophe, the lead developer at Tilkee, came up with the idea for Foxy while at a conference in the south of France. He knew that his idea would revolutionize the day-to-day activities of business and marketing people.

  • September 2016

    The team was formed!

    A pitch of only a few minutes was able to convince several of his colleagues. François, Geoffroy et Fanny came along for the adventure, ready to convince the rest of the world!

  • October 2016

    Foxy was created.

    A prototype, hours of coding, design, marketing, and here you have it! Foxy is ready to revolutionize your daily life. Get your own Foxy and join the adventure!

  • October 2016

    Foxy is launched!

    You can now order your Foxy


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